"Jessie came to NYC to support me when my daughter was six weeks old. When my baby screamed and cried like a banshee, Jessie gently took that child from my tired and hormonal arms, and swayed and shushed her into a peaceful sleep. It was like magic". Sasha Domnitz

"I just wanted to thank Jessie Loeb for being an amazing doula! Jessie gave me the comfort and knowledge that I needed to get me through my first two weeks with my newborn daughter. Being a first time mother was very scary to me. Jessie provided me with many tips on how to feel safe and confident while caring for my daughter . Jessie is very dependable, super caring and absolutely wonderful work with!" Heather Escobar

"Jessie was the calm in my storm. My first child was born after a very traumatic birth. I had no experience with newborns, with no family close by, and with my fear of looking like a failure I was afraid to ask for help. Little did I realize I was entering a very dark place with postpartum depression and was paralyzed with not only taking care of myself but caring for my newborn child. Nine days after giving birth and while healing from a c-section Jessie came for a visit. She looked at my child and with all the care in the world, she held her and was truly enamored with her. I think it was the first time I genuinely smiled watching her interact with my daughter. I was so terrified at the thought of giving my baby a bath. I felt embarrassed that I had no idea how do the most basic things for my child. I somehow mustered the courage to ask Jessie if she would help me. Without hesitation and more importantly without judgement or demeaning me she walked me through the process. She was calm when my daughter wailed and for the first time I had a sense of relief. She was my beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty. There are certain times in your life when someone is right where they are supposed to be when you need it most and Jessie was that someone for me. I know every mothers’ story is their own and Jessie has a gift that will help make your story just as you envision. I would recommend her services to anyone!" ~Jamie Carbon

"I've had Jessie Loeb Postpartum Doula for several weeks now and she has been wonderful! We don't have any family in the area, so having Jessie come by has been beyond helpful.  It's good for me to have some time away from baby to take care of life things (laundry, cooking...thank you's), but it also helps me be more refreshed and engaged. Jessie has helped with bottle feeding and transitioning  baby's naps from in-arm or rocker to his crib. Also, she helped get baby's outgrown clothes and his too big clothes stored. When I do breastfeed (sometimes bottle just isn't enough comfort for him) Jessie plays with my pups since I don't want them feeling like everything is always about the baby." - Anonymous Client