A Molar in a bag of Triscuits - Dr. Seuss Style

I have a story to tell

And I tell you this true,

If you don't get enough sleep

This could happen to you.


It happened last week on a brisk Spring morning;

It should have been warm out, but brrr it was so cold.

The sun was rising

Orange, pink, purple, crimson

Reddish rainbowish turning to gold.


I was making lunches

1, 2, 3  

Sandwiches with cream cheese, jelly


Fruit snacks, yogurt, goldfish, crackers, yesterday’s carrots

Close this, snap that, zip up,

Click, fold

Wham bam, thank you Ma’am!


Where went my coffee?

OH there it is in the bathroom next to the

Toothpaste dripping down the sink,

One more round in the micro

Lunch in each backpack

I send them off with a kiss and a wink!


Hours later feeling organized


And calm

I dream of the Oscar I will receive

For most thoroughly, thoroughful, thoroughest and thoroughbest



In comes a text from teenage child number one

Filled with vomit, sick face, smiling poop and angry face Emojis


“MOM! There’s a bloody tooth in my Triscuits!”

This poem is over

I say no more.


Moral of story, and no moral can be more true,

If one of your children loses a tooth put it far far away or under a pillow


And mamas please get some rest, some sleep!

New mom or seasoned old hat mom

You do not want your potential Oscar win to fall Flat!


Jessie Loeb