A Mother's Eye


When we first met

You would not look at me


The gap between our pasts and present

As expansive as a canyon

The North Rim a journey away

From partner.

North and South

Each side having its own story

Their own






Your hands are smooth with youth – not yet eighteen


Weathered, calloused from age

Knuckles thick -


You see me

I am not your equal

I see you

 My partner


When we hear our children laugh

We are the same

When we feel our child’s touch

We are the same

When we see our child looking back at us

We are the same.


By the end of the day

We looked at one another

An understanding bonding us together

Like the magnetic field between the Poles,

Tucked deep within each Rim


A Mother’s eye sees the world



Because of



Jessie Loeb