Ahhhhh breastfeeding…

That beautiful




Important, on so many levels,


Mother and baby experience.

            Before you read on please understand this was MY experience, only my story to tell and all mothers are different - ALL DIFFERENT; as you shall see, my tale has a wonderful ending. Baby number one was born at Meriter Hospital, now called Unity Point Health Meriter. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this hospital. The nurses, residents, pediatric neonatal specialists, doctors, birthing balls, ice chips, pudding (ask my husband) and lactation consultants – all wonderful.

            Finally after a long labor and somewhat dramatic entry into the world our daughter was born. We left with everyone giving us the “thumbs up” and the three of us ventured home. I remember the house was so peaceful, warm, lit up by the autumn sunlight and quiet. Baby and I went upstairs to her room, Boppy in hand, and we sat in that big, cozy, squishy rocking chair we bought for this purpose; breastfeeding.  Glass of water to my right, check! Burp cloth to my left, check! Memorized list of suggestions from lactation consultant and nurses in brain, check!


            “It will get better,” they ALL said. “After three weeks your body will get used to it,” they ALL said.

After six weeks @#*&#%$@!

After 3 months @#*&#%$@!

            The corner market ran out of frozen peas and Walgreens ran out of Lanisoh Lanolin and I ran out of patience and possibly tears.

            Somehow, for whatever reason, the gears turned and each breastfeeding session got better, less painful, until finally the two of us had this thing down! Her adorable suckling little face brought me only joy and my shoulders came back down from my ears which had been their previous residence. The walls did not shake anymore from extreme potty mouth, the corner market was able to restock their peas and Walgreens sent me a coupon as a thank you, customer appreciation!

            As postpartum doulas we are here for breastfeeding moms. We are trained to guide you, the mother, through a large spectrum of breastfeeding issues, questions and situations. We are here to support you, tell you that you are doing a great job, and suggest to you any helpful positions or alternatives that may make the breastfeeding relationship better. We also come with the ability to refer you to an IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant – if needed.

            The good news is my @#*&#%$@! did not affect my now teenage daughter. She has a lovely temperament, does not cuss and is taller than her mother. So remember, mothers, you do not have to sit in a rocking chair and @#*&#%$@!

I am here for you; we can do this thing, together.



Jessie Loeb